Quote Me

My Quotes – 2017

One can choose to believe, or choose not to believe, such hard choices, both give a false sense of security.
M E Talbot 2017

Free sprits, someone’s lying!
M E Talbot 2017

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, if it needs proving don’t eat it!
M E Talbot 2017

Mark, Mark, no its not a dog with a hair lip, listen, have you ever heard a dog BARK?
M E Talbot 2017

Time will tell, if it could, would we still be fighting wars?
M E Talbot 2017

Punctuation, grammatical hesitation, a writers room for thought.
M E Talbot 201

If music is the food of love, then poetry is its instructions.
M E Talbot 2017

If I could drive, my wish, a hole in one.
M E Talbot 2017

My friend, the fairy Queen left me a gift, no its not a fairy tale.
M E Talbot 2017



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