SENRYU – HAIKU REPLY | Chased by Death


death has chased me
three times pulled from the sea
crowbar… past my head
death teasing… the Grim reaper
I laughed in his face
I ponder lost life…
many friends… younger than me
I cry at the thought
one more… i forgot…
sat on a canyon bridge wall
fainted… note… I write
three line tales… all true
evoked by you being chased
finding home from home
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Inspired by Reethu Ravi


8 thoughts on “SENRYU – HAIKU REPLY | Chased by Death”

    1. You certainly did
      for that was not
      thunder you heard
      up in the monsoon
      filled cloudy sky
      my heart pounding
      thinking I might die
      Now that was scary
      2M long weighed a ton
      flying through the air
      heard the swish of air
      as it flew past my ear
      came off a tank
      testing its emergency
      breaking so close
      to my life taking.
      the thought of what
      could of been
      turned me a shade
      of sickly green
      literally made me
      very poorly
      to think how close
      I’d come to death
      at 22 all very true

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