Shows Apart

Shows Apart

Summers proving to be like spring, fickle
Like in Manchester its been snowing
Its why us Brits about the weather whittle
Glastonbury weather, good if your going
Check Google for groups and singers
And there’s a promise it wont be snowing
A group of hand bell ringers
Moroccan group of classy drummers
A few carthorses wearing blinkers
Lincolnshire show has loads, marathon runners
Farmers displaying livestock, cattle
A group of unusual gizmo hummers
If at Glastonbury you lost your rattle
At the Lincolnshire show you can daube and wattle

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


4 thoughts on “Shows Apart”

    1. bore da. A ydych yn gwybod fy mod yn Gymraeg lol, You do now, but I can not speak Welsh, my mother language, used a translator, long story, but I have blogged it ether on this blog or one of the others. I do have many good memories of my childhood days in Wales, but come on, I love to hear about your English ones.


  1. I wrote about my first trip to England in a series of posts called Memoir of Two Innocents Abroad – England and France 1972. You can find the posts under Archives September 1 – Sept. 18 2014. Start at Sept. 1 and scroll up.

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