Stay Focused

A reply which was inspired by  truthredefinedblog


truth… is out there
how we deal with it
should be as one
err we write it
shout it from our hearts
we put it out there
animals speak not
scream in pain,,, is that okay
no… ban hunting fun
fox hunting
badger culls… humans care not
imposing strife
all life suffers strife
humans self inflicted… wars
innocents suffer
they know not
what they do is wrong for all
hark nature… pleading
life… the world
no fancy words… is dying
those in denial
think we… us… are lying
short sighted… in need of glasses
to see… life before it passes
not before them… in view
sadly they no not
what they do
before i press comment…
all i have written…
is with good intent…
for like you…I am smitten
like you,,, I will not relent
I live with many hopes
one being… those that lead
are not like Trump… total dopes
a rant maybe
but note
all in poetry… some rhyme
for the written…word can…
no… does save time
diplomacy works… remember Cuba
Stay focused…


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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