Terza Rima: I Begged

I Begged

Image result for praying

Loves sweet song
A melody of kisses
A love that’s strong

Its all about the Mrs
My life, my wife
For her, all my wishes

I would give my life
No second thought
My soul I’d sacrifice

With pain she’s wrought
I feel its anger too
Doctors help she’s sought

There’s nothing they can do
Our NHS is truly failing
I don’t believe that’s true

Hard to watch her ailing
All night, her screaming
Her color, OMG its paling

Now asleep, she’s dreaming
I move her hair to see
She wakes eyes streaming

How so very hard for me
She must not see my tears
O God please hear my plea

Its been a glorious 48 years
Please take me first I beg
Please don’t fulfil my fears

Come morn, Mrs standing on one leg
The good Lord had heard me beg
© A very lucky Mick E Talbot 2017


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