Hello Indians – Title by “Shubham Modi”

Aborigines of India, who are you? India, now a very cosmopolitan country. The links below I found very interesting indeed. Interested to hear, read opinions, expand my knowledge, help me along my never ending learning curve, please. 🙂

Gurung (Tamu people), Mikir, Todas, Kachari, Singpho, Garo, Khasi, Naga, Limbu, Lepcha, Chakma, Oraon, Kharia, Birhor, Bagaras, Kotas, Juang, Santhal, Munda, Savara, Gond, Baiga, Kurumba, Chenchu, Malayan, Muthuvan, Kadar, Urali, and read for more.

My interest inspired by SHUBHAM MODI (His page title “Hello Indians”). Certainly interested in what he might have to say about Indian law, just out of curiosity.


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