Wonders of the USA

Inspired by BEL



the mighty oceans
oft battle with the cliffs
full tides shaping land
the snow capped rockies
yellowstone park surrounds
all natures wonders
conserves… many
how many have you been to
all a joy to see
deserts… dead to some
remove their blindfolds… look see
silence… freedom… life
the roadside verges
unkempt… yet teeming with life
their future… unknown
great lakes… amazing
mini inland seas… awesome
freshwater… precious
Florida… byoues… nature
my dreams… my future
red wood giant pines
threatened flora… many kinds
keep safe your wonders
help your land… the world
recycle what you can
pollution kills life
thank you for sharing
as you can see
most inspirational
your words, your photos
pleasant virtual reality
a tour in my mind
California still
have that song
still dreaming
as you will see
your words… your photos
virtual reality
thank you for sharing
California dreaming
what a pleasure
it has been
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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