My poetic reply to a young lady who thinks, (I hope thought after she read the following), sex is a sin. I will be leaving a pingback to her post, but please note it is of an adult nature. Thank you. If you do use the pingback link please read all the comments as well as the poem.


Heavy, but remember this…
There is no sin in having sex
Getting to know each other
Falling in love can take time
But when, how, is not a sin.
I believe in women’s emancipation
A man who thinks he’s good
Has the audacity to call himself a stud
He’s the one sinning
Breaking hearts and grinning
I am not naïve
I have in my time met women of that ilk
Nymphomaniacs all dressed in silk
Broke my heart many times
Its the breaking hearts
Where inlies the sin
One night stands, sex for pleasure
What some call fornicating
Is not a sin if the feelings mutual
This might seem like a rant
But like you I am being frank
There is so much hypocrisy
That’s sex related, so outdated
Remember this, a quote, I know not the author
“If our God’s made anything better,
He, (She) kept it to them selves”
Make love, enjoy human nature
But one night stands


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

A reply to Ivette Mepps “Craved Intimacy” Please note the poem contains very explicit sexual content from a very brave young lady, my reply was written as advice and how I feel about the hypocrisy related to normal adult sex. Please if you do use the pingback leave a comment to that effect on Ivette’s post, thank you.


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