Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 39 – MIRROR & HARBOR


a mirror… water

the harbour… evocative…

trawlers… memories




A dull, wind teasing, warm, yet threatening chill, a summers day if you will. Domestic chores all tended, to the garden, I intended. Then a chill did strike my heart. TC, my cat calling me to dine, a call I have many a times heard. So in the kitchen I waited, in comes my pet cat, with good intentions, and sure enough my meal, you wont believe, but indeed it plated. No, I did not thank it, checked the bird, sadly its soul departed. A dunock, still flying, up in Heaven with the Angels. I took its frame, quietly cursing my cat, but blaming myself, and inwardly thinking no more cats. Dug a hole, a prayer good by, then found my cat and asked it why, then fed it chicken, purr-fect. I don’t harbour bad feelings for my feline friend is mirroring the wild.

nature harbours

no malicious intent

not mirroring ours



a mirror reflects

semaphore to ships harboured

bad days remembered

the words… spot on… derived from

a hole…  to view receivers


© MIck E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 39 – MIRROR & HARBOR



19 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 39 – MIRROR & HARBOR”

    1. Thanks Colleen,
      You wouldn’t believe what happened this evening; standing by my pond and a mallard duck drops in, I grab some wheat, feed it, roughly 5 minutes and its off. How I love my garden. Every day a haibun in the making, 🙂

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      1. Oh, that’s marvelous. Every afternoon, my husband and I sit in our back garden. It’s small, but I have a bird feeder and pots filled with plants. The finches come and eat. I love watching them. Red, gold, and some so tiny they must be babies. I love what nature offers us. ❤

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        1. I often wonder why I go walk about when I have nature on my doorstep. Got a wasp yesterday the likes I have never seen before, I’ll be posting it soon, I think you’ll be amazed to. Soon, I’ll leave a pingback.

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            1. done and dusted. As for your very interesting question; as far as I am aware the sudden changes in temperature is a killer for most arthropods, an example, grasshoppers cant survive below 60 degrees Anything above ground will struggle, as most depend on warmth. The thing about British weather is the jet stream its position governs our climate, to far south then its colder than what it should be for the summer and vice versa, like the five day record breaking heat wave we have recently experienced, but now as I have mention were below 15 C and I sat here typing with a heavy coat on, its brrr cold

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              1. Ha, Ha! That’s what I remember about England. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath for a couple of years. Coldest summer I ever experienced! Now here in the mountains of Colorado we have wide swings. Some days it’s hot, other’s it’s chilly. I can sympathize with you!

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                1. Forecasters reckon its going to be around 13 C tomorrow, back to late spring I guess. Now Lakenheath, must confess never heard of it before and its not a many miles from Linconl, small world.

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  1. Hey, your an expert yourself, my only claim for myself is my spontaneity, I really don’t have to think. ponder too long on most of what I write, mind you that all so applies to real life situations, for which I have been threaten with police intervention; an example: A landscape gardening company, employed by the local council, felling a tree knowing before they did, that it contained a bat roost, which is/was, occupied through out the year, in fact they had broken a law, as all bats are protected under the British wildlife acts, to go knowingly anywhere a roost requires a special licence. Sadly before the police turned up all evidence had been remove. Oh, over the years I have many a time brought that company to the attention of the council and the police. Results zero, why, I am not a professional Naturalist, plus most of the time my complaints are made after, or during actions and by the time anyone turns up, not just the police, all evidence, culprits gone. Not so with the general public, that is another tale, and somewhere on my blogs events have been posted.

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