damm austerity

local pubs shutting down

super markets win


local extinctions

or just life moving on

extant… watch out


local anaesthetic

dentists needles three inch long

no… call the gas man


local weather

dry your side… I’m soaking wet

what a night


local disaster

sink hole in the garden

Rover… stop hiding


local time

do I really need to know

retired… don’t care


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Daily Prompt: Local


8 thoughts on “Local”

    1. He he, the sink hole one is based on fact, but we didn’t lose Rover. 1949/50 West Germany, RAF Celle, married quarters, the hole was only around 2M x 3M, but very deep, we could not see the bottom. My sister and I were banned from the garden for months.


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