capable of feeling
ones passion for another
of the same ilk
ilks apart
on the same path… following
begging to differ
life… its origin
water… do we need to know
evolutions real
future… guessing… facts
calculating endings… death
precise math… answers
witthout glass
myopia prevailed
curtailed by a lens
summertime reveals
to both human gender
the beauty of form
raleigh shopper
failing tirers… no new ones
on sale
ouya anca orkwa tia utoa
a chillhood code… work it out
previous last three
slow down
your going to fast
time waits for no one
barbecue… its time
throw a crayfish on the fire
so wrong
blue jays bathing
wheres your camera J Richard
damm… missed… again
do you mind
me asking you why the need
for expletives
prams outdated
pushchairs now do the trampling
babies still reach out
i lose myself
in twilght rain
shadows flirting
from where
to your begining
i followed your words
Yasmin’s too
my muse… a precious Lady
both… write on… i wait


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

A multi reply to J Richards haiku


17 thoughts on “A HAIKU – SENRYU REPLY”

    1. Amn’t Mick special? I was off choring the past few days – and will return to them grinds (with pleasure and much summersweat and more gardenhose baths with chilling cold water for the brisks before an inside shower – the first to wash off the trackables and the second a hot-start, like outside, and a cold finish: also, there, too. The Pingback is just a feast! I may have to close shop to devour and then search my ‘matched for them runaway expletives, much of whom I had thought put into prose(ic) characterizations.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Expletives, I am no prude, believe me, six and a half years in the army, say no more on that score, for the rest of you comment I must explore, believe me.
        Your chores done, ablutions complete, glad you found my pingback a treat, believe me.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Just five telling Generals why I should not be a Marine Sergeant…actually just the last year thus. Before I scrit to the keyboard I scrolled the little canted bell to see whom hath called. With the Fourth fools flaunting and flouting firearms through Wednesday I shall find succor amidst either the woods at work or deep in a well-built near-cracker home with deep o’erhead beams and Dvorak and Hendrix to soothe (okay: a mite of less-bombastics come morning until the shootguns again bestir themselves to crow and crow across the town. It’s the telltale AKs I hate. Know a few cops who confess several times a year they duck into a downtown alley, get out of their cruisers and find a deep side doorway under heavy cover to await the celebrants upward testing of Newton.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Sad, those Generals no not what their missing. I to, oft seek solace on days of celebration, wildflower meadows, natures laughter. And in the past Hendrix too brought me respite from celebratory clamour. These days I’m into trance, it sets my mind momentarily free, wildflower meadows, nature laughing. As for guns err their name, I have no time for weapons of destruction. Can’t resolve your last, “Celebrants upward testing of Newton” I prithee thee, enlighten me.


  1. Wow, Mick. Like licking the juices of a just-basted bird stuffed with lemongrass, ginger, garlic and such: almost afraid (intimidated? No. Wrong tent: past-present-future collides and our agrees past most else is The Yasmin whose shell even more catching than the mere goddess perched thereon. I do most humbly say thanks for your thinks and your lines…I shall digest slowly and see if any answers come to the surface of this not-so-still pool you have cast. I am the honored one, Micketalbot.


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