You’ve not heard of me, have’ya
Indeed, I am the dreamcatcher
I save you when you are falling
All nightlong I hear people calling
My colleague, the Grim Reaper
Waiting for you to fall deeper
Be it your time you sadly will
Oft I watch him have his thrill
But I, first at your bedside
On advice, will have to decide
Catch your dream or let it slide
Sorry, what’s that you say?
Yeah, I’m dreaming, its my way
Day dreaming, whilst I write
Of a dream I’ll have tonight
Its the one you never ended
I caught it, as I intended
Me, the dreamcatcher, true
I’ll send the dream back to you
Tonight, you will see it through
A happy ending I have planned
I hope you find it, as I did, grand
What, I hear a distant scream
I’m off to catch another dream
To all I wish dreams of delight
Take care, remember, bedbugs
B I T E !
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Inspired by Super Jan


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