salad days… picnics

trekking… laid out in the sun

don’t forget… factor 50


summertime… farm life

swallows nesting in the barns

fresh roast beef for lunch


free range chicken eggs

lamb… mint sauce… new potatoes

summer on the farm


rape fields in full bloom

mellow yellow… flax fields blue

cows blowing trumpets


if it does not move

goats will eat it… silly goats

taste nice… spit roasted


night time on the farm

frantic tussles… rats fighting

farm cat mewing… hedgehogs grunt


farm life… early morn

cows in the dairy… milking



breakfast… full English

harvesting the ripe fruits

combiner action


hard days work… all done

respite… a flagon… cider

sat beneath the moon


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


5 thoughts on “HAIKU | FARM LIFE”

  1. I absolutely love this, Mick! It brings back memories of summers at my grandmother’s house in a small town in Alabama, Pop. 500. Only we had fried chicken, butter beans and iced tea with mint. I prefer your menu.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ina,
      Happy days for me too. Lived on one, worked on a neighbouring one, sweet 16 at the time, doing a years practice before going to Lackham College of Agriculture, didn’t happen, parents were townies, and moved, again recorded on this blog, (somewhere). Love iced tea, never tried it with mint, a must try, me thinks!

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