Inspired by Zoolon Audio & yassy66





life takes you places
oft poets lead the way
guiding ones mind
poetic licence
imagination… fiction
planned… heartfelt… intense
musicians create
the food of love… your plight
poets music… words
Yasmin… poetic
her words explore her passions
emotions laid bare
you feel… i do too
her hurting… her deep pain
her joy at thrilling
her journey… her words
imagined… or truth… calling
a cry for help
she stands proud
let know one put her down
her words far reaching
a precious lady
one in a million
her words lay paths to follow
Yasmin’s map… routes scribed with love
just months of friendship
she’ll be my muse forever
Yasmin… she found me
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Inspired by Lord Zoolan, and the poetry of a precious Lady Yasmin


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