Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE


. .Special things in life . Serendipity. . . . . . . .
. . Ultra sweet and spicy too . Perchance it could be you
Garnished with love . Interesting spices
. . A taste bud explosion . Creations of pleasure
. Rapture Michelin style . Exemplary cooking. .
spice and all things nice
sugar no exception
diabetic woe
All © Mick E Talbot 2017;66
Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE

Is anyone else having problems getting onto Colleen page for #40 challenge? Yay!


8 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE”

  1. I had to delete the first post, Mick. I had issues with my theme and many other folks said they had many troubles with WordPress today. I reposted the theme and we should be good to go. A CLEAVED DOUBLE ACROSTIC TANKA… This was one of the most phenomenal poems I have ever read. I will have to learn more about that form. Your words are absolutely perfect! ❤

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    1. I don’t know wots going down, but this is my second attempt at this reply? Hope to get to send it this time, fingers crossed.

      Now, phenomenal, wow, how do reply to that? Afraid to say words are all I have, so with those two humble little word ‘I thank you’ 💐 The bouquet might not be the real thing but my thanks are, thanks again 💐

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  2. The saddest thing about my diabetes is I was suffering with it in my early 40’s not diagnosed until my early 50’s, consequences, many, and none can be put to rights, but hey ho, such is life, but I am more careful now, hoping to grab another 10 years, everything’s crossed 🙂


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