Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE – HAIBUN



Today in my garden, the aroma of my buddleia switched my mind to thinking, sugar and spice. Well I know there are spices, but sugar, yes, I watch it drunk every sunny day, by bees, butterflies, and hovers. All sorts flowers open up their bars to quench their patrons, some for twenty four hours, some seven days a week, well there are some thirsty fliers. What is this drink I rave about, and nearly always found in flowers, well honeybees, a good clue, honey. What type of sugar I hear you ask too, are you ready, monosaccharides fructose and glucose, both found in honey converted nectar.

the sweetness of life
all its heavenly pleasures
nature nurtures all

The spices in my garden, oh yes there are many, not there all the time, but oft, if you dared to look, found in my belly, all very tasty. Laughing to myself I’ll move on, I’ll not bore you with all the names, far to many. Their flavours, some hot, like chillies, and mustard, others, acquired tastes like borage, and sweet cicely. We’ll leave it there as I hear a call, the spice of my life, shouting, lunch is ready.

of all the spices
there is one we all live with
nature… spice of life

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE

21 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #40 | SUGAR & SPICE – HAIBUN”

        1. They grow on you, in fact mint growing free in the garden is highly invasive. Nasturtiums flowers as garnish, adds amazing colour to a salad, and very tasty too.

          Please note I am not on my PC, mine was hacked, long story 😦

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