Friday Fictioneers:

£$%^&*( *& ?><@~{}||!”
099876677 8765 /.#’#’-0 OI h53wa3df6789 8890 0#'[[-=-0 g4we
^%$£ *(*&^ )(*&!” %$£)( (*&^+_
_)(()^%$%^%$$%^%$£$%^&*(*&^%$£$%^&* *&^&*
Come in Mother Ship, this is Reconnaissance, sitrep…

Got you Reconnaissance, send sitrep…

Mother Ship:: Sitrep: We have checked several locations, all the same. weapons of destruction, and bodies everywhere. We have sent you an image of our present position, judge for yourself. We have also teleported samples of the weapons, and a body. Do you wish us to continue with our mission…

Reconnaissance: We have analysed the weapons, they ae mainly used for rhetoric, but we also found what they call an Eraser, and based on that were beaming you up…

Come in Reconnaissance,

Come in Reconnaissance, Reconnaissance! ERASED!


31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers:”

  1. A great take on the prompt, bringing in a sci-fi angle. I also liked how you brought in the eraser. Reading through the responses, this is the second one featuring the eraser/rubber and the two go well together perhaps.
    xx Rowena

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