Desert Memories

True desert memories of my time spent in the Libyan desert evoked by a beautiful poem by yassy66

The link in the last senryu gives the details of how a young soldier lost his life by ignoring orders. Not a friend of mine, but we were comrades in arms.


night time desert… cold
can freeze… belies the hot days
no moon… pitch black night
daytime desert… hot
the sun takes no prisoners
yet nature survives
tortoise… chameleons
scorpions… puff adders… flies
shy desert wonders
two four week tours
my work… I endured
free time exploring
North Africa
unhospitable deserts
watermelons… cool
there are hidden fears
world war two ammunitions
bomb… mines… shells… killers
look… don’t touch… report
standing orders …. don’t deny
one did and died


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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