Haiku – Senryu – Three Liners

HaikuSenryuThree Liners

the air we breathe
all life depends… keep it clean
pollution kills
the air is life
for some thats all they need
one day to breed
the winds … natures breath
warmed by the sun… the poles chill
adapt… or move on
deserts… mountain tops
hot air or minus forty
life still breathes… breeds
uninvited guest
there in our hallway a frog
didn’t even knock
our open doors
sadly not an invite
what were you thinking
there was a time…
one would recognise
hello… you’d welcome
how sad.. modern times
drugs… alcohol… abusement
taking lives.. all bad
bygone days
primroses in dappled shade
fields filled with nature
babies giggling
oh the laughter… joyous days
pleasant surprise
i feel tears… the worlds
now they fall as rain… in shame
wake up… were drowning
litter… pollution
ordinary folk must learn
please use the trash bins
summer… last year
a Wednesday… remember
wildlife wont… most died
July the forth
why… it was the second
post answers on blogs
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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