SoCS July 8th 2017 : Mission: Planet ‘B’


Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ick.” by its self or part of another word.

08 – 07-17

Classified: TOP SECRET: Record of radio conversation from Reconnaissance team:  Mission: Planet ‘B’ For USA and UK Governments eyes only!

Come in Mother ship, Reconnaissance: OVER

Mother ship: Got you Reconnaissance, you have something to report: OVER

ROGER Mother ship: We’ve lost Sgt. Rington, he was devoured by an ick like substance. He managed to inform us he was “stu…” and that was all he got out before he was rapidly sucked down. Whoa! As I speak his space suit has been ejected, and travelling at speed, and its gone. Prior to Sgt Rington’s fatality we had probed the surface and found it to be stable. Now, on reflection there is something not right, indeed, for we are on its surface, like floating on it: WAIT OUT

Come in Mother ship: Reconnaissance: OVER

Mother ship: Got you Reconnaissance: Sitrep: OVER

Roger Mother ship: Sitrep: Were on our way back, this is not what we expected, indeed this is not planet ‘B’: OVER AND OUT

SoCS July 8th 2017 : Mission: Planet ‘B’

Sorry for delay in posting, busy, busy!



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