💖 Seeking – Finding – Love 💖

💖 Seeking – Finding – Love 💖

a crying… heart-felt rendering
words, like a river meandering
in search of freedom, escape
of truelove, tis a human trait

true lovers fly together, high
the laughter, trust, neither lie
with flames of passion, bright
no amount of water will un-light

water will sustain your pleasure
cool, refreshing what ere its measure
like sweet milk from a womans brest
nature knows how, it’s what it does best

to feed ones passions, desires
find one, a heart, feel its fires
should it equal yours, its intensity
you’ll know that’s your destiny

to compromise, ere not to often
else truelove might be forgotten
lovers feelings are best when equal
especially if trying for a sequel

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Inspired by Sreepriya Menon

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