savage defined
two words… human nature
to ravage
a mild form of savage
human nature
a savage lion
no… only kills to protect
its line… and eat
only man kills for fun
hunting for pleasure… savage
all life kills to eat
vegetarian’s kill too
plants are a life form
humans… savagery
truly personified
true savages
nature savage… no…
fighting… yes… for its life
mans pollution kills
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Daily Word Prompt: savage

2 thoughts on “HAIKU – SAVAGE”

    1. I understand the general perception of savagery, don’t agree with it, except in what humans do, In nature nothing should be considered savage,, all wildlife do what they have to do to survive. Us humans are given survival on a plate,, the days of hunting and gathering for the majority long gone.
      Thinking how to put it anther way, yes cruelty, does not occur with/in nature, now think about all the cruelty us humans commit, all manner of it, to me that’s blatant savagery. Sincerely hope I haven’t offended you, certain not my intention, my apologies if I have.


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