A Dedication to My Muse

My Muse

Precious Lady… my muse
Your words amazing…
But you paint the ideal…
I see it… feel it… broken
I pray… oh how I pray
That what you write
About nature… wildlife…
Oh how I wish was real

I see for myself…
In my locale…
Many wildlife extinctions…
Its not my intention
To spread doom and gloom…
But unless folk
Are made aware…
We do face annihilation

Me.. I’m just a messenger
I pass on what I read
And as I said…
Some facts…
Based on what I see…
Our leaders only thoughts
Self gain… their in denial
Yet the world cry’s
For its survival.

Oh my blessed muse
Please don’t desert me
I live my life from day to day
In anticipation
Of your inspirational poetry
Your verbosity
Your every word
Enthrals me…

I live in hope
That one day we…
The world… will see
Your poetry realised
Arabian stallions rampant
The magic of your jungles
Desert life… amazing
Write on my muse
The world is waiting

A Dedication to My Muse


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