Image result for free starry night
Star gazing
Star burning bright
Bright light
Bright beauty
Beauty of the night
Beauty a delight
Delight just to see
Delight in cosmic treasure
Treasure souls exposed
Treasure the written word
Word of mouth
Word of trust
Trust in ones self
Trust your closest
Closest star
Closest friend
Friend forever
Friend for life
Life out there
Life on another planet
Planet B NO
Planet earth
Earth and its closest star
Earth its son
Son millennia old
Son nurtured by sol
Sol earths life keeper
Sol still worshiped
Worshiped by man
Worshiped as a God
God to whom we pray
God will He save the day
Day twenty four hours
Day seven let it not be the end
End of life as we know it
End of life’s struggle
Struggle to survive
Struggle to live in excessive heat
Heat from the sun
Heat that’s building
Building can’t dissipate
Building burning hope
Hope, that peace prevails
Hope no more wars
Wars amongst each other no
Wars yes against climate warming
Warming to more starry delights
Warming to more laidback viewing


Inspired by yassy66

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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