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Mermaids, sirens of the seven seas,
Guardians of Davey Joanne’s keys
Water babes, in rivers seen to swim
Young mermaids, now there’s a thing!
Kermit the frog, and miss Piggy too
Live shows, were all a joy to view
Donald duck, weren’t he quackers
Scooby Doo, his mates all crackers
Bugs Bunny, always asking Doctors
Skippy one of Australia’s many hopper’s
Elmer Fud, very strange charactor
Woody Woodpecker, his laughtor
Speedy Gonzalez, a tiny little mouse
Sleeping Beauty found herself a spouse.
Robin Hood and his band of merry men,
Perhaps they were good way back then?
Bill and Ben and little weed, blib a blob
Pop Eye , loved his corn on the cob
Okay, I know, he loved his spinach
Oh yes, and Olive, both now vintage
Walt Disney, Hanna Barbra knew the score
Making children laugh, for them not a chore
Back now, in the land of the living
If you’ve spotted mistakes please be forgiving


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Inspired by Cinema Axis


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