Write Now for July 11th 2017 – Fiction

Today’s Prompt:

The person at the door claimed to be his sister, though he had grown up as an only child.

An exert from a statement I made to the Police

I have been working as a volunteer at the day centre for the elderly and dementia sufferers, for several years, on and off. I enjoyed what I did, which was basically to keep the clientele entertained in any way I could. My day always started after breakfast, and after all had been tendered re ablutions. On this particular morning I decided I would have a chat with them all individually. The idea was two-fold, one to get better acquainted with 2 new clients and to get some feedback. Well was I in for a shock, I approached one of the two new clients, a gentleman, only 66, and recorded as a dementia sufferer. His full name not relevant at this moment in time, (little did I know how things were going to change), His name being Frederick, and he like to be called Fred, so I greeted him with a jovial, ‘Hello Fred, nice to meet you’. He looked at me in a somewhat frightened way and said, “Your not one of them are you”? Concerned more than surprised, I showed him my ID card, after which he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. He started with a, “Please hear me out”, I replied with a nod and he continued.

His story: Day 1: He had got up early with a view to going for a hike, he was almost ready to go when there was a friendly rata tat tat on the front. He explained that he thought it might be a delivery of a few odds and bobs he had ordered on-line. It wasn’t, it was a young lady, (his words, he was being polite, for I later learned she was in her late 4o’s), and apparently the person at the door claimed to be his sister, though he had grown up as an only child, again his words. He continue, saying that they had a bit of an altercation, along the lines that she was making a false claim, and politely asked her to leave. She left with a retort that she would be back, again Fred’s words.

Day 2: Cutting a long day short for Fred, she had him diagnosed as suffering with dementia and then legally committed to a care home. His dementia based on the fact that he couldn’t remember he had a sister.

Day 3: Well I was shocked, I asked him 2 leading questions:
1. Did he have any money in the bank and if it was a substantial amount, his answer, “Yes”, on both count.
2. Did he know if there had been a DNA test, his answer, “I don’t know”.

Day 4. I made further enquiries and found that DNA testing had been done, but some 3 months prior to Fred’s alleged sister visit, and without his knowledge. Of course the latter was put down to Fred’s state of mind.

Well what I haven’t disclosed up to now is that I am a fully qualified lawyer, and I hasten to add, that the care home management were fully aware of that, and acted accordingly when given the information that Fred had coherently given me.

Another 6 months down the line, the young lady,(Fred’s words), and her partner, the Doctor, who, yes, had been involved all the time, in falsifying documents, are now paying for their crime. Fred, well he’s back home, offered to reward me, and I said fine Fred, at the time, turning my back to him saying “Come on then”, Fred, “What do you mean come on”? Me “My reward Fred, a pat on the back is all I want. My service at the time was as a volunteer, you had no idea I was, am a lawyer. I got my pat on the back, a big hug, and another reward, his heart-felt thank you.

For Write Now July 11th 2017


2 thoughts on “Write Now for July 11th 2017 – Fiction”

    1. Sadly, similar, oh yes, the human race, the most devious species on the planet. Look at all the false claims for 9/11 and now the Grenfell fire disaster, shame on them all.


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