Wishing all a dry and happy

Saint Swithins’s



St. Swithin’s day if it rains
Odd’s on you would get wet
Unless you use an umbrella
Sorry really could not resist
Really hope I wont rue
Looking at the cloudy view
No rain yet, just a maybe
Ere, summer already crazy
Whatever, wishing you and yours
The all best if you go outdoors
But do remember, take your brolly
Just in case you never know
This fickle weather, it could

A reply to atimetoshare.me’s article on St. Swithin


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


7 thoughts on “A ST SWITHIN’S DAY REPLY”

  1. Gosh-n-golly, MET. such welldone galoshe-lessness. For our sins here in Fentral Clorida we get the tag-end of a fiveday freefromrain with interest to be compounded Monday and Tuesday with a mini-low pressure cell coming to call and who knows, y’all, our 10-inch+ deficit in what normally goes about masquerading as average rainfall for the year so far my upend itself at any once- or thrice- or ‘ore-time(s) at whim: just whose I knowKnot and just now figured Gord was a true genius and always had a sharp ginzu to hand for hanging tieups. Enjoyed the much out of the above effort, Mick E Talbot: many thanks!

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      1. OMYassy: she’s got you convinced, MET, I am Bruce Jewett in undrag. Not true, good sir, but when I consider how I hold esteemed friend BCJ as person, pal, poet, the misnomer a real treat.

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          1. Mick: even late to dinner an acceptable referent though I do hate missing breakfast. J, Bruce – I wonder if Yassy has told The Phat Phrog (Bruce Jewett’s Hawaii Marine monicker) of her nameswap-sometimes with me? What say he? And, yes, Bless her. She calls me Bruce: I call Bruce Juice, and sometimes she slips up and calls me Richards and once – my stars! – just today(?) she typed J (and that really is my first name, sans period. But back to point: I mindeth not, MET: you should hear what I call me sometimes.

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