Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge | HAIBUN | CALM & WILD #42



Wild now the summer fun, butterflies picked up all bar one. A painted lady for years my gardens not seen. Mine, and my gardens only summer wish is, one day soon we’ll see it swish, to the buddleia to see it proboscis dip, drinking in its nectar dish. What I have recorded up to date, butterfly species wise, oh indeed a pleasant surprise, small tortoiseshell’s, large skippers, two ringlets, gatekeepers, brimstone, small and large whites, green-veined delights, red admirals, holly blues, springtime peacocks, sad non this summer, and loads and loads of comma’s.

wild my garden
calm balmy starlit nights
smashing frogs… croaking…

Late after noon, clipped some hedge, dead headed buddleia blooms. Cuppa coffee to heal my wounds. Mowed the lawn, arranged new garden furniture. Pulled the hose out, some thirsty plants to appease, some were nodding begging please. Pigeons begging me to be done, to get their grain before the sun is done. Brushed up, all cleared away, ends for me another day.

sun setting… red hues
wild garden pond… no ripples
calm… no puffing wind

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge | CALM & WILD

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

7 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge | HAIBUN | CALM & WILD #42”

  1. Mick, your prose is beautiful and thank you for allowing me to share your day. The alliteration of your words is just right. The sounds, the sights, I can feel them from your descriptions. Pure bliss! ❤

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    1. Thanks again Colleen,
      I have to say that my garden is primarily laid out for wildlife, but my biggest joy is finding new species, especially flora of the wildflower type. This year of a mint species I’ve never seen in the wild, just blows me away!

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