19/‎07/‎2017 20:58 hrs. – HAIKU


overcast the day
humid… like per sauna fied
most bodies leaking
a feather floating
gently breeze keeps it up… flying
finaly landing… done
the seas horizon
distant shores beyond… beaches
coconut drifters
space beyond the earth
no defined horizon…
a vastness… no end
bed bugs
can suck you into dead
a real live nightmare
once upon a time
in the second life was born…
no happy ever’s
go down to the woods
you will get a big surprise
seats everywhere… stumps
no common wasps
fickle spring… winter controlled
killed all the queens
over water
a larder for the fishes
weeping willow
a mighty voice
tiny jenny wren singing
claiming teritory
windy woodland glade
oak woodwinds playing… Handel
nature conducts
in the forests of the world
nature bares witness
the still of dawn
bubble trails break calm water
green tench feeding
bream rolling
feeding frenzy in the deep
slow flowing rivers
salmon leaping falls
brown bears playing catch dinner
bald eagles waiting
stars… history
if their light could talk… impart
cosmic wonders
rest not the wicked
stoking the fires of hell
fuel… no problem
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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