Strange things I ponder when I sit alone. Nature, its diversity, and every year new life is found, it’s true. Then that word I most fear, pollution, why can’t governments understand, it kills. The continued use of fossil fuels, the mismanagement of habitats, their destruction, all more important than the loss of life, climate warming, politicians seem to think so. My ponderings take me beyond our planet, the stars, galaxies and further, there is no place that I won’t venture. Right now, time, do you know that the suns not there at sunset, confused? As the last segment dips below the horizon, its been eight point six minutes gone. At dawn the opposite, its been there for the same time before we see it. Eight point 6 minutes it takes for sunlight to reach us. Now there’s a thought, the sun, on the horizon all that time and we can’t see it. Or to put it another way, we never see the sunrise, we see its light, we feel its heat, yet the sun its self has moved on.

love life
love it all
it’s not forever


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleens Weekly Haibun Poetry Challenge: HEAT & CONFUSE



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