Wednesday ‎26th ‎July ‎2017 – 02:16:30 AM – CLEAVED TANKA


…..captured… entangled .. snared in clamp traps ….
…..the savagery of humans .. wildlife suffers… some care
..some without remorse. . some feel their pain……… take a life for pleasure some for monetary gain ….
.. … .. . .in natures eyes a crime… .sadly the world pays the price.
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


7 thoughts on “Wednesday ‎26th ‎July ‎2017 – 02:16:30 AM – CLEAVED TANKA”

    1. Thanks Reena,
      You no doubt are aware that the cleaved poem format can be used for any other type of poetry, as long as it can be read as 3 separate poems. As I said, I’m sure you knew that, but no doubt there’ll be those that don’t. Hoping by reading this those that didn’t, now do. Give me a pingback as and when if you do post one. In anticipation,


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