Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #HAIBUN: HUNT & FIND



Oh! The willows of my memories, weeping, crack, goat, and sallow. Many times swept, and searched, true bugs, Hemiptera, my quarry. To record, snap, all sent to the BRC, unfortunately they did not agree, as good as calling me a liar, why? Because species new, out of season. The times I reminded them, yep, of, “Climate Warming”, to no avail. New UK species, that’s another tale.

to seek out wonders
trueloves ways… no need to hunt
my wife… natures gift

Always been a poet, going way back, then digital era arrived, its wonders, changed my life, two thousand pics a day. Mainly macro wildlife, but all things, natural too, like seasons, their splendours, winter white, springs verdant new growth, life. Summer flaming glory, autumn, wind swept leaves, fall confetti. Oh I’m still into all of that, check my other Word Press blogs, links to be found here on this blog, on my About page. Both attempts to show my wildlife records.

the joy of walking
no need to hunt or find
nature holds my hand

But then it happened, still on a rebound, Japanese style poetry had me, had me on my knees. Poetry, now my life, that is, second to my Dearest, Darling, my wife. Does she believe me, please? Yes of course she does, she is my life! My best ever find!

the heaven… open
like church doors… never sealed
sanctuary… not now

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Memories up to the present day, evoked by Colleen’s challenge and Willowdot21
Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #HAIBUN: HUNT & FIND


8 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #HAIBUN: HUNT & FIND”

    1. Colleen,
      Maybe its because I have lived a spectacular life up to the age of 26, then I got married and it got even more spectacular, to this very day, all to do with a butterfly, but hey that’s another story, So I feel now, as I have done many times on WP. that a humble thank you is not enough, but as that is my only way of showing gratitude online, please accept a big one, THANK YOU, All your challenges and the encouragement, you perhaps unwittingly give me help me in many ways. Thanks again, as someone said “Life is what you make it, or what others make it for you”, and you make mine very happy, and long may you do so….

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      1. Mick, I married the love of my life at 26, also! In April, we will have been married 33 years. I totally understand how you feel. I love the sense of community we have developed though this challenge and our love of poetry. That is what I had hoped to foster – a place where we could all stretch our poetry wings. I have learned so much from these challenges. Glad to be part of your poetic success. It is well deserved. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Partners in rhyme, sorry couldn’t resist. Your definitely right about poetry stretching poetic wings, to me and all poets, (I’m sure), its a curve of never ending wonder, a joy to be party to.
          Glad to be part of your challenges, keep em coming, and for the complement, humbled and honoured!

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