Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #Tanka: HUNT & FIND


to hunt and gather
in my days gone by… a must
natures flora… fauna
as supplements in hard times
back then easy… how times changed
find the time
go hunt a church tower clock
a clue there’s one close
when heard striking out the hour
countryside courting… back when
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #Tanka: HUNT & FIND


11 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #44 – #Tanka: HUNT & FIND”

    1. Many thanks Willow.

      Oh! The willows of my memories
      Weeping, crack, goat, and sallow.
      Many times swept, and searched
      True bugs, Hemiptera, my quarry
      To record, snap, all sent to the BRC
      Unfortunately they did not agree
      As good as calling me a liar, why
      Because species new, out of season
      The times I reminded them, yep,
      Of “Climate Warming”, to no avail.
      New UK species, that’s another tale.
      Always been a poet, going way back
      Then digital era arrived, its wonders
      Changed my life 2 thousand pics a day.
      Mainly macro wildlife, but all things,
      Natural too, like seasons, their splendour
      Oh I’m still into all of that, check
      My other Word Press blogs,
      Links to be found on my About
      Both attempts to show records
      But then it happened, a rebound
      Japanese style poetry had me
      Got me on my knees, poetry
      Now my life, that is, second
      To my Dearest, my wife
      Does she believe me, please?
      Yes of course she does, she is
      My life! My best ever find!

      the heaven… open
      like church doors… never sealed
      sanctuary… not now
      If you have read this far, your probably wondering what the heck am I up to, a clue, the haiku. Yep my Haibun for Colleens challenge, and yes all inspired by you, and of course the prompt, Hunt and Find, thank you Willow.


      1. I have read this
        And completely understood
        I love your wife’s good
        Japanese poetry has
        Me also under its spell.
        A Tanka as reply, I have yet to master the Haibun. I shall though. 💜🌹

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