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In the beginning, water the origin of life
Life’s first steps onto dry land,
On water it still is dependant, for some
To propagate their future, but for all,
(Bar a minuscule few in their adult stage,
Who do not drink or partake of food),
To sustain their life their wellbeing.
From their start in life to the end

Over many millennia life has evolved,
But water still trends, all life is
Still dependant, but be aware! Water
Now threatened, from the oceans to the
Freshest inland streams, over heating.
Casting strife, and for some premature
death, pollution a contributing factor,
By way of high levels of CO2, acid rain,
To climate warming, could it be the end

Nature, confused, fickle now the seasons.
Last summer, remember it was Tuesday
Extinctions rife, in both flora and fauna
Leaders of countries look out blinded,
Or in denial, the truth before their eyes.
“Lies”, they scream, “Conspiracies!
To make life tough for businesses, the rich”.
Why can they not see the poverty climate
Change is creating. Stop pollution now,
Why can they not see it coming, THE END

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Written for dVerse ~ Poets Pub



31 thoughts on “dVerse ~ Poets Pub | THE END”

    1. I don’t mean to be facetious, or disrespectful even, but the planet and nature I am sure will sort things out. Whether the human race, and the majority of the present natural biodiversity will still be around is the leading question. From a reliable source the IUCN: The rate of species extinction since 1600 was, until recently, 50-100 times the historical rate tracked by scientifically analysed fossil records. Alarmingly this extinction rate is now expected to accelerate to between 1,000-10,000 times the natural rate by 2020. To me that’s all pointing to an ominous future for us as well. As is there are scientist out there claiming that we have already past the point of no return. However I like to think that should governments heed the evidence and become more positive in controlling pollution then I am optimistic in that we might just stand a chance. I am not a scientist, but like most intellectuals I do try to keep up with the times, (no pun intended).

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  1. I believe the earth is a self-organising entity and it looks after itself in ways we cannot imagine. Life is a cycle of death and rebirth and no doubt that includes the planet. So far however, none of the Climate Change predictions have come to pass and while humans need to care for the Earth, we are not always right in what we believe about it.

    Your poem is an honouring of compassion for this earth. Nicely done.

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    1. I thank you most kindly for the nicely done, appreciated. However without having to reiterate most, if not all of a comment I just posted in reply to Frank Hubeny on this topic, on this thread I must ask to you read my thoughts there. Apologies, but I think and hope .you will understand.

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  2. “Lies”, they scream, “Conspiracies!
    To make life tough for businesses, the rich”….Aren’t they illiterate? This is the one and only problem of the world. Mother Earth knows how to survive. She won’t take a second when time to eliminate the humans comes and this will definitely happen for corporate greed at this moment is beyond tolerance. THE END will only be for the humans.

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  3. You are so right to cite the divergence between the wealthy and the poor as the big problem. I don’t think it’s that governments don’t believe we’re about to hit the buffers, it’s that they don’t care. Middle aged rich people who intend to live their lives as they want, waste, exploit, indulge excessively in what others don’t even have words for, don’t give a flying feck for the Bangladeshis who will drown in their millions when water levels rise. They don’t even care about future generations, because they’ll be leaving a lot of dosh to the grandchildren so they’ll be able to buy themselves a rocket to a new planet, or an ark or whatever. I simplify, but I don’t think we can count on a road to Damascus type revelation, unless our leaders can draw some personal profit from it.

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    1. You hit the proverbial nail on the head Jane, but I don’t think they’ll be looking to space for sanctuary; remember that other proverb re burying ones head in the sand, well add a mile to that, a store stocked for a century, and if they have any sense at all, a viable population. Remember, there is no planet “B”


        1. Its like corruption rules, and for a fact in some countries, and the saddest thing about that is when their populations revolt, their governments turn their armies on them, their own people, how does that work?


          1. I heard some on the radio resume human intelligence and superiority as, we are not the most resilient and intelligent species the planet has known, simply the most destructive. When people say—look at us, top species, space ship builders, brain transplant operators, nuclear bomb creators—they’re mistaking intelligence for wholesale senseless destruction. Our ‘intelligence’ will destroy the planet and us with it.

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                1. What we do now affects the current generation of youngsters, the irony is they don’t understand, don’t want to, or plainly just don’t care. Of course there is a minority who are of the same mind as us, but very few of them speak out, especially within the company of their peers from fear of being ridiculed, and even bullied. I think schools should be more positive in their teachings re everything that has a negative on nature, which affects the planet, and at end of the day all life. You have not mentioned names re the rich, but I will mention one who at the top of my list way before he became President of the USA, YEP! Trump, destroying wildlife habitat was and still is a forte of his That’s not counting his disregard for the for the poor and needy of the day, nothings changed, and does look like the people he has hoodwinked are now realising the error of their ways. Will he end up turning the army on their own people, if he did would they respond, after all he has already encouraged his police force to be more brutal with people they arrest. No he’s not the only idiot, Putin is another. The majority of Arab leaders, and Asian countries are all ruled by egotistical maniacs, whose only concerns are for themselves. I mean why are people leaving their countries, because they fear for their lives’ ether because they dissent, or are of the wrong creed. I said it many times, and I’ll say it again, “I CRY FOR HUMANITY”!


                  1. I think you’re my cousin. It’s what I always say about the current generation, and then somebody proves me wrong. Maybe it’s more of an Old World thing for it not to be frowned upon for kids to be iconoclastic. They form the backbone of the ecology conscious here, and I’m proud of them. All those names you cite are on my list too—you can add most African leaders too, and their friends and supporters in European governments.

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                    1. Yeah, forgot to put them up but not forgot them. Cousin’s I’m sure, positively of the same ilk though. As for the kids, I should of been more specific, like from and around my locale.


                    2. It’s hard to understand why, when the US makes such a big deal about patriotism and flying the flag from earliest school days, kids can still grow up wanting to destroy their country by shooting it to death, eating it to death poisoning it, wasting its resources etc etc. Why not make it patriotic to save something for future generations to appreciate?

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  4. I guess schools should be more prescribed in their teachings re everything that has a electronegative on nature, which affects the satellite, and at closing of the mean solar day all sprightliness. Will he closing up turning the regular army on their own(a) people, if he did would they respond, after all he has already bucked up(p) his constabulary forcefulness to be more beastly with people they taking into custody.

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