RECYCLE – d’Verse Quadrille #37


Fear not if one recycles trash, paper, card, tissue, trash as one.
Metals scrapped, one can sell, plastics of all types, recycle well,
glass binned in sorted colors, helps.
Do master these recycling traits, become one of natures mates.
Fail, fear for the world!

© Mick E Talbot


27 thoughts on “RECYCLE – d’Verse Quadrille #37”

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I certainly agree, with that suggestion.

      I have a question re Quadrille poetry; I am new to this format and assumed that the figure 4 had something to with the format, but perusing all those who submitted poems, I found that the majority were all over the place. There were 3 that did conform, (from my pov), in as much, and simple terms, used 4 sentences. You were one, and two others. I based my format on yours, which I assumed, as you being the host for this weeks challenge was the correct one. I genuinely don’t know and would love to be enlightened, please. With much respect,



      1. Hi Mick. The Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. It must contain the prompted word (in this case, fear). The form is unique to dVerse. When we were refreshing our website a couple of years ago, we came up with this short form. It has proven very popular, along with the alternating Monday of Haibun. Take care. toni

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      2. Basically, the only request is to write a poem of exactly 44 words, no specific form required, and to include the prompt word in the body of the poem. You can use it in the title, but it must also be in the poem itself. Some of our regulars love form poetry in terms of rhyme and meter, others, not so, some (like me) do both. If we required a stricter form we would have low participation and interest. It’s meant to be fun and creative for everyone. The 44 is a take off from the Quadrille dance which I believe does rely more on the number 4, but also on some defunct memes that were quite popular. One guy called for exactly 55 words. Good discipline for the writer. Thanks for asking, Mick, and keep showing up! We like you.

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  1. An environmentalist after my own heart! To answer your above query, I believe the requirement that the quadrille be 44 words , not counting the title words, is the only parameter for this form, which was invented by Bjorn, of dVerse.


    1. LOL, I am many things, and yes an environmentalist is one of them. 🙂

      Thanks for the answer, I at least conformed to the 44 bit, not everybody did I’m sure, Thanks again,



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