A gift for Sarah Whiley

She said a gift

Well look its true… its tiny

a rose just for you



13 thoughts on “FAIRY MAGIC #2”

    1. Spent many a day in that woods, reciting, listening to nature, and meditating. Passers by stop, some stop to listen, some to ask why, without hesitation, my reply, for the fairies, and they laugh till they cry. I join in their laughter, for I am happy to hear people laughing in a world filled with fear. Before they walk on, I beg, stop a while longer, listen, look, now tell me, you agree, not in fairies, but in nature, its sounds, and what you see. I bid them good day, but before they did go, they looked where trod and spotted that tiny pink rose. When they looked up I was gone, for I was that fairy all along.


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