TJ’s Household Haiku #10 – Perfume and Lost #2


its great to meet
folk of the same ilk as mine
yet we can differ
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


Lost Perfumes

I too had thoughts, attempted to stick to one prompt site, but like natures diversity, humans poetry covers many fields in words. Profound, profane, feeling of the heart, fantasy, fiction, subliminal attempts to fashion passion, a world of poetic licence, in and out of time. Like perfume evoking memories, once lost in history. Tastes, bitter, sweet, life’s trials, tribulations, poets convert to verse, one of our life’s pleasures.

to walk in pastures
natures aromas… freedom
the buzz of life
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
TJ’S Household HAIKU #10 – Lost & Perfumes
Inspired by Jules Paige and TJ’s prompt.

17 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku #10 – Perfume and Lost #2”

  1. anon

    inspiration winds
    through breezes, teases, captures

    pathways cross, new friends can bond
    through the ethernet’s webbing

    ©JP/dh (8.6)

    a·non, əˈnän/ adverb, archaic 1) soon; shortly. 2) I’ll see you anon”
    tanka = haiku plus two lines of 7 syllables, though my interpretation
    might vary with the traditionalists… but I’m not worried.

    I am always honored to inspire another writer. No apologies needed. Here’s a link to a ‘cri de cœur’ that was inspired by another ‘blog conversation’ I had with another writer.
    CR/ Replay, Rewind, Repeat

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    1. well anon arrived
      more bonded than before
      in virtual terms

      the internet works
      in many ways and much more
      new discoveries
      © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

      A monoku, a single line haiku, 17 syllables long.
      A virtual adventure the internet provides, next holograms.
      © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

      Thanks for the link, inspired a flash fiction blink, thank Jules.

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  2. I have heard of one sentence/line haiku (probably have written some without counting), I didn’t know it had a name. But then there is the constant debate on syllable count. And I am more a rebel when it comes to rules… Though I did follow the count for ‘filling vales…’

    Did you write a flash fiction…or just blink in at mine? Thanks for the link-up.
    I’ve been writing for Carrot Ranch for about two years or so. That’s one of my go to prompts.
    I did look at TJ’s. And I put his site on my prompts favorite list so I can explore it more.

    If you like short forms you might also like the eleven word Dutch Elfje… I’ve got info and a link
    to Simply Elfje that has a very good explanation at Gems. Last month at Gems were all Elfje (some Elfje series as well).

    Fan Favorites?
    (an Elfje)

    Friction –
    Fingertips dance
    Across a keyboard
    Racing to continue a


    filling vales… (a monoku)

    filling vales across temporal spaces as shadows shift sleepily


    tem·po·ral: adjective 2. relating to time.
    vales : vale poetic for valley

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    1. Definitely up for an Elfje, rules and the link please.
      A series of Elfje’s, I hope

      Golden Oldies and Perfection

      Acker Bilk played
      Strangers in the night
      A golden
      Little Richard played
      Great balls of fire
      A golden

      Jules Paige wrote
      Eleven words of wonder
      Amazing verbosity

      Jules Paige wrote
      Filling vales seventeen syllables
      A master
      © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

      A Monoku
      nights drawing in waiting for the jet stream to move back north more sun please
      © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

      Jet streams – are fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents that are not normally found south of the UK. They blow from west to east

      I used the Press This option on your f-cr-replay-rewind-repeat-7 28 and Yes a flash fiction comment.
      Another yes for Carrot Ranch. Messed up there, wasn’t shore who the host was. I stumbled on Irene A Waters blog assuming her title “Buzz to Bang: 99 Word Flash” contained the prompt words and composed an entry based on them, albeit an acrostic, using buzz to bang, but not as my title, which was “Classified:Top Secret”. However I am when finished here going to visit here blog and explain. The latter done.
      A link to my Carrot Ranch entry on my blog.


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        1. I was guessing it wouldn’t be that easy, had fun though. I can see you have more to say, so thanks for the link, very helpful, Certainly up for an Elfje, or 2

          All blood
          The human race
          Why the discriminations
          We are all equal

          An acrostic Elfje
          Learning now
          Five lines restrictive
          Juggling words count to

          Moving on to your next…..

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      1. Ah…I see you used 11 words, but not quite in the right order… but that’s OK. Don’t change what you wrote. Keep ‘m and do more 😉 The sentence order of words is 1,2,3,4,1.

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  3. ( monoku) for Mick
    rain echoes…

    rain echoes sounds on the skylight as night wind blows cold, tripping dreamscapes

    (c) JP/dh Aug 7

    (we also had rain most of last night and into this morning, off to do some chores. I’ll be back)


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