(f) CR/ Replay, Rewind, Repeat (7.28)

Flash fiction, quick tell a lie.
Untruths come quickly to certain type of guy’s.
While white lies are fiction too!
Told often, just to ease pain, gain time.
I am often asked if I am well, my reply,
“I’m fine, I write fiction too”
All fiction, straight off the top of my head.
Never once when asked if I am fine have I
added, “I write fiction too”. It just looked
better in writing than “I tell lies too”.
Nah all of this is fiction, what say you?

Source: (f) CR/ Replay, Rewind, Repeat (7.28)


5 thoughts on “(f) CR/ Replay, Rewind, Repeat (7.28)”

  1. Hmm….. I think you should change the title (you can edit it in WP) to: What Say You.
    Thanks for the link to my piece. I’m not quite like my character yet – getting up in years, over the hill yes, but still a tad spry – especially with words. : )
    I think we often also live fiction… I like that quote ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ 🙂

    Oh Carrot Ranch is here:

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  2. I see or read why you title your pieces as you do. We all have ways to stay organized.
    Fiction all has grains of truth. From choice of character names, places, and memories garnered.
    I just like to write (and read). I would do nothing else… well almost 😉 if I had the choice and time.
    I’m not yet a pro…but others believe my truth is that I am at least very capable as far as writing in several genres.
    While I’ve only been blogging for about 4 or 5 years I’ve been writing everyday forever…

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    1. Miss this, sorry! Yep, all my adult life, on an off. Whilst in the army, love poems commission’s for lonely, and broken hearted squaddies. Wrote loads since, some very private ones for the wife. However, apart from limerick’s I was never into any other styles, then WP happened, and now they taken over my life, especially the Japanese styles. Up for any style/format that presents a challenge, loving the Elfje’s, up for any critiques.

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      1. I am selective about what I share with my hubby. Most of my family believes my writing is a hobby. Some outwardly express that they are not poetry fans. Their loss.. I must breath with the writing of words. Everyday a minimum of one piece. Pretty much since I was in 6th grade.

        One day I’m going to put booklets together of the poems I’ve written for and about my grandchildren and gift it to them. Even if they never read a verse – my gift…

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