TJ’s Household Haiku #10 – Perfume and Lost


lost in history
perfume… evoking those words
dearest… i love you

dearest… i love you
perfume… evoking those words
lost in history

© Mick E Talbot
TJ’s Household Haiku #10 | Perfume and Lost


4 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku #10 – Perfume and Lost”

    1. is there anything
      more beautiful than truelove
      only mother nature

      we sat together
      nature… my truelove… and me
      a love triangle

      i beg… please don’t judge
      truelove can’t live beyond death
      natures immortal

      willow… a tree
      often seen sadly weeping
      what tales could it tell

      of life… its past
      sadly not its future
      ere it… we… have one

      just one word you wrote
      beautiful… inspired me
      bespoke poetry

      Thanks, forever in your debt!


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