August 3: Flash Fiction Challenge 99 Word – Prompt: sound – Acrostic Buzz to Bang: Classified: TOP SECRET


Failed Investigation

Buzz, the buzzer buzzed!
Under the spell of the questionnaire or so we thought, but it jumped., grabbing her by the throat, blood spurted everywhere.
Zapped by a taser, no affect?
Zapped again, still standing, and now the questionnaire was decapitated.

Twice, with no effect. panic ensued
Once should of put it down

Beaten, security called for help, armed guards arrived within seconds.
Agonisingly the alien submitted, it was then manually restrained..
Next, in anticipation of further trouble it was restrained. with three sets of handcuffs.
Grinning, nodded its head ten times, looked up, then disappeared with a bang!
99 Words
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

CLASSIFED: TOP SECRET: 99 Word Flash Fiction: Sound

My apologies to Irene Waters.
Hi, I genuinely thought you were hosting this challenge and used your title words as the prompts. I did however not use them for my title, just in the acrostic format of my entry. I did use them when submitting my entry in the pingback, an idiosyncrasy of mine as an indicator as which of challenges it is. I don’t think I have fallen foul of plagiarism, seriously hope I haven’t! Have changed my pingback accordingly, hope you find this in order. Seriously a genuine mistake.
Mick E Talbot

26 thoughts on “August 3: Flash Fiction Challenge 99 Word – Prompt: sound – Acrostic Buzz to Bang: Classified: TOP SECRET”

    1. Felt such fool, so into writing
      Not reading the small print
      But we live and learn by our mistakes.
      Thanks a lot I Irene, phew, feel much better now, Thanks for your appreciation too 🙂

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      1. Welcome to Carrot Ranch, Mick where we allow for exploration in all its glory — discoveries, breakthrough and mistakes! We play with words weekly and I’m so glad Irene could help inspire you and rope you the ranch!

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        1. Thanks for the welcome Charli, Irene, she definitely did that, I was so worried that might of upset her, but in the end she was very nice about it. Been busy on the Elfje trail, but will be visiting the/your ranch soon. 🙂

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  1. Ah see what comes from sleeping … I miss so much… (giggle)… The folks at CR are wonderful!
    Sci fi with some ‘buzz-kill’… And an Acrostic!
    When we want to write not much will stop us!

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      1. Shaken and Stirred
        (Elfje series)

        Without matches
        Only the stars
        Shifting slowly until the

        Dreams shift
        Goals tally, pushing
        Nights escape route until

        Daylight dwindles
        Fingers trace the
        air writing poems until

        (c) JP/dh Aug 7 (17)

        🙂 Everything inspires me…(Thank you…)

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          1. I’ve been catching up on return visits from May – yes I am that far behind. I’d rather write… but it is only respectable to read others too. 🙂
            I’ll check in on that link soon. I’m taking a break.

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    1. I do a few

      Dedicated to trying all form of poetry
      Often failing, but I’ll keep trying

      To Japanese styles addicted
      Of acrostics too, an infliction
      Onto my latest form the Elfje 5 lines long each line follows a word count as in 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, total words eleven.


  2. Terrific acrostic, Mick! I always believe the poets among us take on an extra constraint and yet such fantastic results. What an action packed flash. I hope you enjoy seeing it in the compilation at the ranch tomorrow (Pages of Sound). One of my favorite parts to the challenge is arranging each piece into a collection. It’s surprisingly dark and wild this week.

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