be proud… and suffer
hate… and you will burn in hell
repent and save the world

True friends in life, not family, who are of course the best. No, friends on the other side of the fence, the ones you learn to trust. The shame with the latter is they are the ones who hurt you the most. With dagger eyes, and metaphorically, carrying a knife to stab you in the back. Some friends, oft your best, have ulterior motives, tis to late when you find out, the tell-tale, warm blood running down your back.

a friendly hand
reaches out to help you
one in your pocket

The best friends of all I find online, virtual, could tell lies, but only in, or whilst writing fiction. As in life, I am not naïve, there are those who will upset you and me. There is a switch for the trolls, to turn them off, you just block them, those pitiful souls. Folk, who can be likened to sadists, gaining pleasure from inflicting mental pain, persistently, the baddest. Oh I’ve had a few with different points of view, but most oft we beg to differ, then move on to find new mutual pleasures. The offers I have had of help on all manner of topics, no stray hand in my back pockets. And when, or if I can, I reciprocate, it’s what one does for friends, returning favours. Just recently I have had loads of follows, new virtual friends.

mother nature
intangible until
you feel her breath

Just recently I have had loads of follows, new virtual friends, to many to mention individually, you know who you are and I thank you, if I haven’t followed you back, remind me and I will do. However the are a couple, no a few that I feel I want to mention: Willow, just because her name so reminds me of my best friend of all, intangible until I feel her breath on my face, mother nature. Now Jules, poetess extraordinaire, introduced me to Elfje poetry, and to top it all an image she’s has lent on permanent loan to me, and I like to think you all think the same as me, a wonder of nature, a swallow-tailed butterfly, I’m sure you’ll all agree. Along with another, one of my yesterday garden photos, a green bush cricket, female Aug. 7th 2017, and any friend of nature is a friend of mine.

to travel alone
you can see more of nature
walk with friends… see more

My muse, she knows who she is, twenty-four, seven on my shoulder, I can’t read her verse without replying in poetry, which I also so do when others, their words inspire me. Like all poets’, words are my addiction, nothing can be done, or said to cure me of this day tripping infliction, but affection will always be appreciated.

to follow evil
perish the thought… but some do
crimes against nature

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 45 – #Haibun: Hate & Pride

6 thoughts on “A HAIBUN | VIRTUAL FRIENDS”

  1. Mick, your prose, and poetry brought tears to my eyes. Your kindness and truth radiate from your words. How thoughtful to write about “best friends” who usually end up stabbing you in the back. How true! It is your goodness they wish to own, not knowing that it only belongs to you. Excellent thoughts. ❤

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  2. Ah…With some hunting…I found the haibun – You are very kind indeed. Thank you. I saw a monarch today, briefly resting on one of my silver maples (silver maples don’t produce syrup). To far to take a photo… but maybe I can send you a photo of a monarch when I go to my other computer.

    True about certain family that seems to push you away when you need them most. But we create new circles that allow words to embrace us from near and far. I have a funny story about a cricket you might like…
    Charmed and Lucky too

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    1. Ha ha, just dropped back here to give you the link, however your one step ahead, Yes would love a monarch photo, and I’ll get to read ‘Charmed and Lucky too’ as soon as I have caught up on my notifications. As for me being kind, its kindness reciprocated. Thanks Jules,
      Anon. Probably not here though, as my next stop in your direction will be a ‘Charmed and Lucky one too, I’m sure 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw, your to Kind Colleen, I do speak the sad truth though, and if it is my good their after, they only have to ask, I’m more than willing to share. Thanks so much for your kind worsds


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