An Acrostic Elfje Series

Definition of stary  variant spelling of starey, check it out. Truth, it was a typo, it should of been stray.

Take time
Abide with me
Return my love for

The taste
Arousing my desire
Recollections, but still a

Tactile velvet
Activating, awakening senses
Rapturous pain, memories spanning

Tender touches
Adventurous teasing
Rendering me helpless, I’m

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Tabbies, feral
Reverting to wild
Abandoned, could one be

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66s

Definition of stary  variant spelling of starey, check it out. Truth, it was a typo, it should of been stray.



28 thoughts on “An Acrostic Elfje Series”

    1. Wow I feel truly honoured, have a question though; punctuation, is that permissible in this format? I ask, as I don’t think I’ve come across any in your work, or Jules? Many thanks for your appreciation, from you, I was nearly wordless, 🙂


      1. Punctuate if you wish, there are no rules on that. I often use punctuation as it helps with the sense but some people don’t. Glad you are having fun with the form – it is a fun form!

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  1. Oh, here you are… did you do anything with the swallowtail yet?
    It is fun to play with five letter words with the Elfje form.
    I’m glad Libby has stopped by – We learned this form several years ago from a Dutch Gal.
    I think with the bending of the rules…all the folks that have been introduced to this form have given it a grown-up or adult life 🙂

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    1. Ooops, Yes I have, but I went to get you the link but the rest is history, in as much as you already reconnected with your swallowtail.
      Yes, I am finding the Elfje great fun, was well pleased when Libby stopped by, answered a question on punctuation. Enlightened me to the fact there are no rules that say it can’t be used, note, as there is in haiku, (re. the latter, ellipses only). Yes I am a traditionalist when it comes to the Japanese styles, in all its forms, especially with the syllable counts. However I am not against bending rules, having said that I will have to have ago at some for children, I follow a blog on WP aptly named ‘Kiddies Radio Talk’, had a few of my poems on the topic of the red planet, Mars, read to them, I think via radio? Will let you know as and when or if. 🙂

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    1. Me too, and just catching the beginning of your next comment, ‘But they wont because they are fools. Oh yes, definitely going to like, can’t wait, —–> whoosh, gone


            1. Great, I’ll get it together shortly. As for what are we doing to the world, as regards pollution maybe, but wars, that’s down to governments, but then who but them in power, at the time though I sure none of us had war on minds. All so sad! Right I have some work to do, I will send you a pingback.


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