Life Threatened

Rebloged as Black Sabbath Lyrics to their hit, ‘WAR PIGS’ has been added, a very apt addition!

Mick E Talbot Poems

Hi All

Willow (dot21, (a beautiful first name)), made a comment on my poem with one of her own. Not just a brilliant poem but it compliment mine perfectly, indeed I thought our poems complimented each others very well, hence we agreed to a collaboration. Mmm, I said I’d leave Willow a pingback, that’s not necessary, please scroll down to the comments to find her amazing contribution. My thanks to Willow, for her support in general, and of course for agreeing to collaborate.


PS My thanks again to Willow for finding Black Sabbaths ‘War Pigs’, the lyrics being a very appropriate with regards to our joint poem.


I like to think it’s not the USA that wants war
Its Donald Trump I am sure
Now Kim whatever, not a very clever man
Keeps North Korea in cloud cuckoo land
For I am sure if it knew too…

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