Another Mini Haiku Series


dusk… its moods invite
all manner of secrets told
heed the truth…

dawn breaks
red cloud foretell
a shepherds warning

the dawn mist belies…
wonders of the coming day
wildflower colors

the jenny wren sings
fortississimo its virtue
trills… thrills… natures voice

deep below oceans
darkness… belies its wonders
treasures… life unseen

pollution once lied
it’s said… we learn from mistakes…
heed nature warnings…

fairies… fireflies
once natures guardians
pollution poisoned

mountain life
its flora and its fauna
floundering habitats

every which way… life
left unhampered… thriving
in preserves it’s trust

wildlife parks… note
flora… fauna raving
dj father time

a whisp
lost its er

our legacy
to show how we failed
plastic pollution

nature unheeded
no human threats
we were warned

the end
the human race

life as was once
scientists predictions… gone…
speculation… yes
© MET 17/66

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