Mick’s Elfje Challenge #2 August 27th 2017: Prompt: ‘happy’

Micks Elfje Challenge #2 August 27th 2017: Prompt: ‘happy’

shiny shiny 2

A welcome
To all new
To, familiar with, the

shiny 2


My heart felt thanks to all participants in the #1 11 word elfje challenge, I’ve had great fun reading them, hope you had as much fun in composing and writing them. Next prompt word is ‘happy’, have fun, and of course be happy! Note, for instructions etc, please click on the #1 image, and when done click on the #2 image to get back here, thank you. Of course, you only need to come back here to copy page link for the pingback or just to leave your link in the comment box plus anything else you might want to say.

The #1 round up ‘love’: Please read and share your thoughts: 

Reena’s ‘Solutions’, there are no easy ones, read Reena’s profound elfje for an explanation. My reply:

there’s, leaders
enforcing there’s, right
or wrong they still

chosen by
their own people
why do they turn

all their
pledges, ruling without
consideration for the lower

leaders bleeding
their own people
themselves living in complete

care, you
do too, I
beg all let peace
© MET 17/66

Solutions – Reena Saxena


Sarah’s daffodils, beautiful photos, with a super elfje, nice one!
Daffodils – By Sarah

Willows elfje, ‘Love’, very evocative, for me bringing back both happy and painful memories. Powerful!
Love by willowdot21 https://willowdot21.wordpress.com/2017/08/19/simple-elfje-11-word-challenge-1-august-19th-2017-prompt-love/

msarora’s ‘World Peace’, help spread the word with love, with togetherness lets pray it works!
msarora’s ‘World Peace’ https://education17048.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/world-peace/

Jules, taking us back to the age myth ruled and love found a way.
Looking At Love by julespaige – http://julesgemstonepages.wordpress.com/

Thanks again to you all, please encourage your friends, followers to have ago, participating rules can be found by clicking on the #1 image.


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