I have just been confounded by nature on so many counts. I have been commenting on bumblebees not being seen in any quantity over most of the month, and today two species. Not abundant, but present, and pleasantly surprised I was. Another flying busybody not seen all summer, the common wasp, just the one, a welcomed visitor, a gardeners friend, many a plant it inadvertently defends in search of sustenance. Like insatiable caterpillars, and aphid or two, a job well done I’m telling you. A dragonfly, another hungry invertebrate diner. Then beautiful flitter, flutter, butterflies,  green veined, large and small cabbage white, small tortoiseshell, speckled wood, the day for them very good. Hover flies, or flower flies, depending on which side of the pond your from, some beauts you will see, as you peruse my photography.

nature surprises
whatever time of year
unwrapped presents

Now for a blaze of colour, flowers, natures August glory. Indeed my horticultural favourites, what? Why did I not say passion? Well, you’ll see for indeed I had both the flower and the fruit, both preceded, yes, by how I feel passion. Beauty at my fingertips, a fuchsia, inverted, a view not often seen. So many colours, August has done itself proud, come visit if you crawl, fly, or slither, humans not allowed.

dusk… hark the frog croak
swallows fill the air
summertime wonders

© MET 17/66


23 thoughts on “HAIBUN”

  1. Excellent! Your prose is lovely, filled with imagery and all five of my senses are engaged. I love your haiku. They relate, but not too much which is the key to great Haibun writing. Well done!

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  2. Not to many bugs about this rainy day here ~
    But the birds returned to the once empty feeder.
    A rainbow assortment brought delight.

    Nice to see those buzzers, bugs and flowers up close.
    Thanks ~Jules

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      1. I believe so – Have you tried the ‘old’ new sentence structure?
        I always look up new forms. Sonnets and meter are not my friend, or rather I’m just not comfortable with those forms. Or long restrictive forms or even short forms that like haiku have more rules than I actually follow 😉

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              1. First before I go off to your link I wanted to say that you can use plurals in American haiku. After all even if there are no plurals in Japanese writing there are by context implied plurals.
                There are many rules to traditional haiku that I just don’t follow. American haiku is only based on syllable count or breath count… And not all, especially my take on haiku, pi-ku, tau-ku, tanka or renga follow all the Japanese rules of line break or using Kanji or seasonal words. So don’t limit yourself to strict adherence to any form that doesn’t help you get your own thought across. And in the end if you end up creating a new form – go for it. But then I am 110% rebel 🙂

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