Weekend Writing Prompt #17 – Emptiness #3



“Captain it’s deteriorating”! The Captain noticed the angst in his ensign’s voice, replied, “You telling me our only way out of this quadrant is shutting down”? “Yes Captain, Sir, look for yourself, the edges are, like fraying”, the ensign replied with a hint of panic. The Captain taking note of the monitor turned to his second in command and asked her “ETA Lieutenant,”? 10… the emptiness, not a star, the monitor showing a blank void, a bottomless abyss, then a dot of light, expanding, it was our galaxy, we’d made it, home just 1 light year away.

a dream… natures way
a future preempted… no…
an aspiration

© MET 17/66

Weekend Writing Prompt #17 – Emptiness – A FANTASY

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #17 – Emptiness #3”

    the speed of light
    a blink…. a dream… I’m gone
    beyond our universe

    nighttime … doors open
    the land of dreams…, so many
    all on our doorstep

    a bell… the light… dawn
    home… reality to face
    tonight … the stars

    home… my happy place
    each dawn I wake knowing
    I’ll be welcomed back
    &copy MET 17/66

    before I venture
    to nighttime solar systems
    Ina I thank you…


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