Micks Elfje Challenge #3 Prompt ‘dance’

Micks Elfje Challenge #3 Prompt: ‘dance’


shiny 2shiny 2Elfje
A welcome
To all new
Or familiar with the

My heart felt thanks to all participants in the #2 Mick’s elfje challenge, I found much happiness and fun in reading them, hope you had as much fun in composing and writing them. Next prompt word is ‘dance’, have fun, and of course get those fingers dancing! Note, for instructions etc, please click on the #1 image, and when done click on the #3 image to copy the link for the pingback or just to leave your elfje page link in the #3 comment box, plus anything else you might want to say. Keep dancing!

 Please don’t forget to invite your friends and followers, thank you 🙂

#2 round up:

My entry:

Reena Saxena: A very happy series of elfje, loved them all! 🙂

Jules Paige: A brilliant acro-Tic series of elfje’s! 🙂

Linda (Charmed Chaos): Bird Song, happy living in the moment, a beautiful elfje! 🙂
Elfje: Birdsong

Vivian Zems (smellthecoffee): A great elfje, looking forward to many more. 🙂

My thanks again to all, spread the word, invite your friends, and followers, love to see more participants. please,

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25 thoughts on “Micks Elfje Challenge #3 Prompt ‘dance’”

        1. On a world of my own.
          I think they call it Lincoln.
          Capital of Lincolnshire
          In a country called England
          Now hear me out
          That’s where I live.
          The land of my Fathers
          Wales is from where I hence,
          Okay I’m in the UK
          And at the moment grateful.

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