Calling Mother Craft, Calling Mother Craft, this is Reconnaissance HQ over…

Reconnaissance HQ, this Mother Craft, over…

Mother Craft this is Reconnaissance HQ. We have an interim report as follows…

We’ve zoomed in on a strange looking life form, wait, no, it is mechanical, a robot maybe? Strobe not able to penetrate the interior, so can not confirm whether it is a robot or a vehicle containing organic life forms. On the latter, we have not detected any form of organic material. We have a sitrep, will transmit when we can account for the high-level radioactivity, carbon dioxide, and a ph10 reading for what we thought was H2O, Reconnaissance HQ over…

Reconnaissance HQ, this Mother Craft… We expect you to return before darkness cloaks this quadrant, you have 3 planet B hours to complete your mission. Transmit the sitrep as soon as. Mother Craft over and out…

Calling Mother Craft, Calling Mother Craft, this is Reconnaissance HQ over…

Reconnaissance HQ, this Mother Craft… Over

Mother Craft this is Reconnaissance HQ… Mission complete! Sitrep transmitted. You can add as a footnote to sitrep, that the planet is uninhabitable, and has been for as little as 209’000 of its years. I am I to believe that this planet was once inhabited by humans and that we are related. Reconnaissance HQ over

Reconnaissance HQ, this Mother Craft… Yes and according to your sitrep mismanagement of habitats, fossilised fuels, and pollutants of all descriptions being the causes. According to our preliminary research, it is not likely it will ever recover. You’re clear to return to the Mother Craft, no souvenirs… Mother Craft out.

© MET 17/66

Sunday Photo Fiction – September 3rd 2017


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13 thoughts on “NO SOUVENIRS”

  1. There have been numerous mass extinction events in Earth’s history. As far as I can tell, if humans go extinct, perhaps because climate change will make it too hot for us to survive, the planet would start to recover, just as it has in the past. We might not be here to see it, but things would be a lot better about 100 years after we’re gone.

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    1. I agree 5 mass extinctions from which the planet has recovered. The next one, if we’re not hit by an asteroid first, will be man-made, can we really say? The times I’ve done this, wrong comment box, sorry.

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        1. I understood where you were coming from and my entry, (apart from being 69 words over the 200 permitted) is science fiction. Having said that I will add that in previous extinctions we didn’t lose the atmosphere and the seas didn’t overheat. and the chances they we will next time. In layman’s terms I have only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


  2. If through the likes of a so called natural extinction as in volcanic eruptions on a huge scale, or the plant being hit by a large asteroid, yes, and has been the case. Why? Well on both counts re the latter, vast quantities of dust were created, which encompassed the whole planet. The dust blocked the sun, the planet cooled, both contributing factors to mass terrestrial extinctions, however marine and large freshwater habitats to some degree coped, The other main factor aiding recoveries being dormancy in both flora and fauna, Cutting a long story short, the dust clears, temperatures return to norm, and everything that laid dormant woke up, and evolution took its course, and here we are.

    Now, for the really scary stuff; if it happens due to global it warming, (and it is happening as I write, both flora and fauna suffering extinctions), as a result of pollution, then chances of recovery, very slim, why? What the general public don’t realise is modern day extinctions are happening at an unprecedented rate and that in itself is a contributing factor. Both life types need each other, (in the long term), to survive, as in, one produces oxygen, the other carbon dioxide, there has to be an equilibrium. The latter also diminishing at unprecedented rates, deforestation, habitat mismanagement, causing, in some cases, instant exterminations of specialised flora and fauna. All ongoing factors, which along with the vegetable, mineral and animal pollutants we humans contribute, create an irreversible extinction scenario. Long after all life becomes extinct the pollution factor will remain, temperatures will continue to rise, remember this time there is no dust. I’ve just scratched the surface, for there is a lot more to it, in fact, there are libraries of info on the topic. All scary stuff, but for me, the scariest bit is the fact that world governments are in denial of scientifically proven facts. If the scientists are correct then we are already past the point where we can not do anything to prevent a man made mass extinction.

    Mick E Talbot


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