Micks Elfje Challenge #4 Prompt ‘hope’

Doing something wrong, I am checking it out, my apologies to all.

Mick E Talbot Poems

Micks Elfje Challenge #4 Prompt: ‘hope’

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elfje hope

shinyshiny 2

shiny 2

A welcome
To all new<
Or familiar with the

My heart felt thanks to all participants in the #3 Mick’s elfje challenge, I found much happiness and fun in reading them I danced the night away, hope you had as much fun in composing and writing them. Next prompt word is hope, I hope you will enjoy this weeks challenge, and remember you are allowed more than one entry. Note, for instructions etc, please click on the #1 image, and when done click on the #4 image to copy the link for the pingback or just to leave your elfje page link in the #4 comment box, plus anything else you might want to say. Keep hoping, I do, especially for entrants!

Mine for this challenge:

to read
more next time.

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